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    • 100 Flowers Water Workshop

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What you'll find inside this mini workshop

  • Learn about this water ritual, a sort of "florida water" from rural Italy used to cleanse negative energy

  • Learn about how it's made, and why some of the plants and herbs are used

  • Learn the procedure of how to make your own

  • Learn the magical aspect that makes this water so powerful

  • Learn about the author's personal experience using the water

Your Instructor

Golden Bough School Founder

Karyn Crisis

Karyn Crisis, author of "Italy's Witches and Medicine Women Vol 1", "Italian Magic : Secret Lives of Women" (based on her stays in rural Italy and experiences learning with guaritrici /healers) and "Warrior of Light" and founder of Golden Bough School is a channeler whose expression offers: Mediumship, Trance, Intuitive Readings, Historical spiritual research and Instruction for empowerment through Psychic Senses with an emphasis on building co-creative relationships with Spirit. Karyn offers ancient teachings in ways that set off light bulbs of wonderment that open doors of perception but in a way that feels like remembering, so that it's possible to recognize yourself in the Universe and to become aware of how the Universe has already been moving through you. Her passion is to bring the Highest Consciousness teachings down to earth in an accessible way for people who might not otherwise have access due to economic challenges or other resources, which is often the case with "naturals" and self-taught people who've found themselves on this path whether they were seeking it or not. Esoteric, magic, and spiritual teachings are often hidden behind unnecessary human hierarchies and synthetic remodeling and demand seekers jump through hoops to gain access, and Karyn delights in proving to people just how accessible Source and all the helpful Spirits in it are to anyone who desires to do the work and reach for the stars, the moon and the sun.